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Emmerdale Storm - 14-Jan-2014

The storm at Emmerdale as part of the siege episode involved more than just torrential rain. 4000 Litre tip tanks were used to break through a section of walls to simulate a river breaking its banks, drains exploded and buildings flooded.   ...more

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Car Crash stunt - 14-Jan-2014


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The Premier League and pyrotechnics - 29-Nov-2013

Following an increase in the illegal use smoke grenade and flares at football matches we were asked to assist with the launch of their anit-pyro campaign. The use of flares and smoke grenades at matches can be extremely dangerous and is illegal.

Filed under: General — Darren Wallis @ 12:27 pm

Coronation Street Fireworks - 5-Nov-2012

It is clear that my blogs are not regular, unless yearly counts, mainly because I cannot blog at the time I do the effects as we have to adhere to confidentially clauses. By the time our work comes onto TV I have often forgotten all about it. However while sat watching Coronation Street after a long day at work on Bonfire Night I suddenly spot the fireworks I fired over a few nights some ...more

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Discount Fireworks - 13-Oct-2011

As many of our customers already know, as well as providing special effects, Quicksilver also have a retail fireworks shop.  For our existing SFX customers we are offering generous discounts and free delivery to unit base, as we know that during long filming hours it can be difficult to get out shopping. Contact us on 0161 320 7232 to get a discount code specific to your production. See ...more

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Blue Peter comes to Manchester - 26-Sep-2011

Local jobs for local people… Today saw the move of ...more

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Are you feeling lucky? - 9-Sep-2011

10 Secrecy and confidentiality often surrounds our work, especially on soaps such as Coronati ...more

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Waiting In. - 13-May-2010

As the election results drifted in and the outcome, or lack of it, unfolded I started to feel sorry for the Queen on Friday.  I can just imaging her conversation with Phillip over tea at the Palace –  ”they promised that a new Prime Minister would be delivered on Friday, I waited in all day and nothing has arrived. One should have been out trooping the colour and walking the corgi ...more

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 7-May-2010

  I started writing this blog last year (yes, last year), but thought I had best finish it while references to current politicians were still accurate, I think I may only have minutes to go as they are assembling a lectern in Downing Street as I speak. Our office is at our shop/trade counter and on quieter days I will often serve customers to allow me to get away from doing the ...more

Filed under: Random — Darren Wallis @ 12:43 pm

The dog ate my homework - 15-Apr-2010

Having just had a visit from our web designers who also do all the other “techy stuff” to make sure it appears on Google, we have been well and truly told off. Being old (that is over 40) I’m still under the misapprehension that birds tweet and the news comes from Radio 4. How wrong I am, we  need to twitter and the news comes from an app on your i-phone. Where is all this le ...more

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