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Waiting In. - 13-May-2010

As the election results drifted in and the outcome, or lack of it, unfolded I started to feel sorry for the Queen on Friday.  I can just imaging her conversation with Phillip over tea at the Palace –  ”they promised that a new Prime Minister would be delivered on Friday, I waited in all day and nothing has arrived. One should have been out trooping the colour and walking the corgis”.

 What happens now does she get an e-mail offering an alternative colour/size, will a card be pushed through the door informing her that she has to go down to the local Post Office, as they tried to drop one off but she wasnn’t in.

We have just set up a new website ( ) supplying special effects and art department consumables (dirty down, cobwebs, smoke etc) with on line ordering and live stock control so that when we say it is available, it really is available. Not all our products can be sent by carrier (due to their explosive nature) but delivery on our own vehicles can always be arranged. When Media City is fully up and running we expect to be providing regular local deliveries, maybe even a mobile shop. For those who can remember Open All Hours I am already starting to dust off the old mountain bike and I am on the look out for a suitable wicker basket.

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