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Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 7-May-2010


I started writing this blog last year (yes, last year), but thought I had best finish it while references to current politicians were still accurate, I think I may only have minutes to go as they are assembling a lectern in Downing Street as I speak.

Our office is at our shop/trade counter and on quieter days I will often serve customers to allow me to get away from doing the VAT return (don’t worry Darling you’ll have your expenses on time). Over the years we have had may requests from the unusual to the potentially unlawful and today was no different. 

Customer – I want a firework.

Darren – What sort would you like, what is it for?

Customer – One with potassium nitrate in it, I need it for my chilli seeds!

At this point I’m thinking either nutter or terrorist, but after a long and interesting conversation I learn that potassium nitrate was used to promote germination in Chilli Pepper seeds. He only needed a few grams and I don’t think it would be an adequate defence if you parked a transit full in central London, however temping it may seem.

I must point out that I didn’t sell him a firework as (a) it would be difficult to extract the said chemical and (b) it would be a criminal offence to try. However I was able to supply a small amount of the pure chemical, which is also used for curing meat,

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