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About Quicksilver Special Effects
About Quicksilver Special Effects
About Quicksilver Special Effects
So there can be smoke without fire... by Quicksilver Sfx

Fire and Smoke

A picture says a thousand words and the best place to start would be our gallery. Cars, buildings, caravans, dragons, pantomime geese & nuns are just a few. With involvement from an early stage we can design the fire protection and extinguishing systems to give a safe effect, with quick reset times.

It could not be further from the truth to say that there is no smoke without fire from smoking gun to full blown building fire, we can add in the correct quantity and colour of smoke, mist, haze or steam to set the scene.

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Our Blog

Emmerdale Storm

The storm at Emmerdale as part of the siege episode involved more than just torrential rain. 4000 Litre tip tanks were used to break through a section of walls to simulate a river breaking its banks, drains exploded and buildings ... more

Car Crash stunt

On a very cold night the top half of a BMW was immersed in very cold water to recreate a crime where a man tried to kill his parents by crashing the car into the canal. We just managed to finish all the required shots before i... more

The Premier League and pyrotechnics

Following an increase in the illegal use smoke grenade and flares at football matches we were asked to assist with the launch of their anit-pyro campaign. The use of flares and smoke grenades at matches can be extremely dangerous ... more

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