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Coronation Street Fireworks - 5-Nov-2012

It is clear that my blogs are not regular, unless yearly counts, mainly because I cannot blog at the time I do the effects as we have to adhere to confidentially clauses. By the time our work comes onto TV I have often forgotten all about it.

However while sat watching Coronation Street after a long day at work on Bonfire Night I suddenly spot the fireworks I fired over a few nights some months ago. It crossed my mind that some of our customers might be interested in what they were as all of them could be bought by members of the public.

The high up aerial shots were mainly Kimbolton Fireworks 25 shot barrages – Thundering Space Spiders and hatching Sea Dragons. The Catherine Wheel was a diamond sun wheel and the very colourful fountains were Jumping Jelly Beans – Both from Kimbolton Fireworks.┬áThe silvery, sparky fountain was a traditional cone fron Excelsior Fireworks. Not forgetting the sparklers again from Kimbolton.

These can be purchased off our website or at our shop:

Quicksilver Fireworks, 17 Hyde Rd, Denton, Manchester. M34 3AF 0161 320 7232

Darren Wallis

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