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Is there anybody out there? - 9-Jul-2009

When we started to put this site together the web designers stressed the importance of the blog – these days you’re nobody if your not twittering, blogging or on face-book, but is anybody reading it? Clearly there is as I have had lots of feedback from well meaning potential customers offering to replace my Rolex (they must be confused as it my Plastic Casio that needs a new strap) and sell me all sorts of dubious tablet and potions to increase the size of my effects. Family and friends have corrected my spelling and grammar, but is anybody else out there? 

Anyway, what have we been up to?  In a recession you might think that production of TV adverts would decline, however this area of business has been very busy for us recently, with work coming from Pataks Curry, Virgin Trains, Nike and Asda – all strong brands working hard in difficult times to keep their products at the front of the marketplace.  

Recent work on the Nike Livestrong advert can be viewed on the  Nike website. This was shot at 1000 frames a second and shows every detail of the raindrops as they explode on impact.

More Nike ads from the days filming can be found at;



Livestrong: Lunar Everyday

Gradient Grid Fire Fly Jacket

Gradient Grid Fire Fly Jacket – Yellow

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