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Hollyoaks - 11-Apr-2009

“I’ve never worked as hard in my life as I have this week”. That was the comment made by Jonathan on Thursday evening after his involvement in his first major SFX job. I have to admit, I found it hard work myself, but then again I am used to it. Darren, Andy, Steve, Jonathan and I have been at Hollyoaks all week working on an episode involving lots of fire and collapsing staircases with the standard fireball explosion. Obviously I can’t go into any details regarding the storyline or what actually happens, but I’m really pleased with effects we provided and looking forward to seeing the final edit. The week involved fire in virtually every scene, lots of fires, the Hollyoaks actors were brilliant under the conditions and everyone worked their socks off.

The last day’s filming on Thursday involved lots and lots of black smoke, horrible stuff to work with as it stinks and stains everything. Probably why Darren was so keen to do a water effect for another production that day, leaving me and john on our own.  

 I’m now looking forward to a well deserved weekend off in Snowdonia.

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