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Britain's Darkest Taboos. Smoke, fire & explosion.

Hollyoaks ..... can't say too much until it goes out.

Audi Quattro ad. Autumn 2013. Wind, rain, smoke and wet downs.

Waterloo Road. From the classroom to campfires we have been busy.

Coronation Street. Can things get any worse for......  Wait and see!

Royal Navy Engineers - Look out for the new ad.

8 out of 10 Cats does countdown - Pyro.

Citizen Khan. Mechanical effects.

CBBC The Slammer. Pneumatic effects.

BBC Question of Sport. Water tanks effects.

The FA Premier League - The launch of their pyrotechnic safety campaign

Nightmare in Suberbia, series five. Water tank and other effects for murder reconstruction. See our blog.

Cross & Blackwell advert. Rain Effects

Real Crime - Gunshot & Fire Effects

Thomas Ince gets his Warrior Superheat boots.

CBBC Rocket's Island - Rain, fire & smoke effects.

CBBC Young Dracula. Fire, smoke, explosions and more.

Emmerdale - The great storm for the siege. See our blog for details.

S4c Rownd a Rownd - Caravan Fire & Explosion.

Cabbage & Pat. Fire and dry ice effects.

Soldiers of the Damned -Feature. Explosions and bullet hit effects.

IOC museum. Flame Effects.

Peter Kay Comic Relief 2013. Wind, Rain & Snow.

Skins final season - Bullet hits, snow, bonfire.

House of Anubis. Fireworks, pyro, mechanical drops.

Starlings II. Bonfire and smoke effects.

Dewar's Whisky - Rain and fireballs.

Harry Hill The Movie. - Wet downs.

Jaguar F Series - Stills.

Seven Seas - Sponsorship of ITV weather.  Wind & Rain Effects.

888 Bingo - Bingoheads. Wind effects

Mo Farah Lucazade advert - Stills. (London Olympics campaign)

Vauxhall advert - Smoke effects.

Stoneacre Car Dealership - Snow.

McDonald's Taste of America.

Anti Smoking campaign 2012.

Inspector George Gently

Peter Kay Comic Relief 2011.

Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room. Snow & smoke effects.

A Song for Marion - Feature.

The A-Team - motion picture!


A boy called dad Feature
Act of Grace Film
Adam & Shelly Show ITV Pilot
Apparitions BBC
Atomic Kitten Music Video
Bingo Night Live ITV
Blue Murder ITV
Bodies BBC
Boy A Ch4
Boy Meets Girl ITV
Britannia High ITV
British Airways Advert
BT Training Video
Burried Ch4
Camelot Theme Park Advert
Casualty 1909 (Series II) BBC
Choir Project BBC
Coronation St ITV
Crime Watch BBC
Cutting It (Series II-IV) BBC
Damned United BBC Films
Destination Three ITV
Heat Wave BBC
Heaven & Earth BBC
Hollyoaks Ch4
Hovis Advert
Hyperdrive (Series I) BBC
Ideal (Series I-III) BBC
Jeremy Lyons ITV (Pilot)
Life on Mars (Series I & II) BBC
Magnet Kitchens Advert
Magnificent 7 BBC
Most Haunted SKY
MUFC Advert
The Outsiders ITV
Place of Execution ITV
Poppy Shakespeare Ch4
Real Crime ITV
Red Riding ITV
Rownd a Rownd S4C
See no evil ITV
Shameless (Series II-VI) Ch4
The Coral Music Video
The Cup BBC
The Files of Alistair Fury ITV
The Royal ITV
The Royal Today ITV
The Unloved Ch4
Tri Nations Rugby Viral
Vincent ITV
Waterloo Rd BBC
Wire in The Blood (Series V & VI) ITV

55o NorthBBC

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Our Blog

Emmerdale Storm

The storm at Emmerdale as part of the siege episode involved more than just torrential rain. 4000 Litre tip tanks were used to break through a section of walls to simulate a river breaking its banks, drains exploded and buildings ... more

Car Crash stunt

On a very cold night the top half of a BMW was immersed in very cold water to recreate a crime where a man tried to kill his parents by crashing the car into the canal. We just managed to finish all the required shots before i... more

The Premier League and pyrotechnics

Following an increase in the illegal use smoke grenade and flares at football matches we were asked to assist with the launch of their anit-pyro campaign. The use of flares and smoke grenades at matches can be extremely dangerous ... more

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