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Ice Station Zebra - 10-Feb-2009

Writing the blog is now an excuse to avoid a trip to “Ice Station Zebra”, as our unit is lovingly known, due to our inability to use gas heaters where explosives are kept. However “I” do need to start prep work for two projects coming up in the next few weeks and a thousand litres of black goo needs making and testing – we have to be able to pump it about 4metres high at a rate of about 500lts/min and I have to be sure that our pumps can cope with the viscosity.

On the positive side the batch of cheap sledges and snow shovel purchased a couple of summers ago no longer appear to be such a bad buy and justify the space they have been taking up! – Although I am disappointed at the lack of severe weather warnings on the Met Office site. As snow effects are one of our product lines it is important to go and study it in depth and I have yet to justify the cost of tickets to Zermatt to HM Revenue & Customs, so it will have to be our local hills of the Peak District.

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