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Waiting In. - 13-May-2010

As the election results drifted in and the outcome, or lack of it, unfolded I started to feel sorry for the Queen on Friday.  I can just imaging her conversation with Phillip over tea at the Palace –  ”they promised that a new Prime Minister would be delivered on Friday, I waited in all day and nothing has arrived. One should have been out trooping the colour and walking the corgi ...more

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Morrisons - 13-May-2010

I’m sure many of you have seen the latest Morrison’s commercial showing Top Gear’s Richard Hammond pushing his shopping trolley through various  rural locations. We werent involved in every scene but the one scene we did work on is the part where he’s in the rain pulling his trolley across a cattle grid. That 10 seconds of footage took all day to film and for us, ...more

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 7-May-2010

  I started writing this blog last year (yes, last year), but thought I had best finish it while references to current politicians were still accurate, I think I may only have minutes to go as they are assembling a lectern in Downing Street as I speak. Our office is at our shop/trade counter and on quieter days I will often serve customers to allow me to get away from doing the ...more

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